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Diploma in Eastern Medicine Acupuncture – Part Two

Weekend Two

As I touched on in the last blog, diagnosis for traditional chinese medicine, comes from gathering lots of information . None more important than Tongue reading! Seemingly the tongue is an external structure that reflects the energy channels of the body and thus Tongue diagnosis is a method of diagnosing disease and disease patterns of the organs within the body .

Simply by asking the patient to show the tongue in short bursts (to prevent drying out ,circulatory change or discomfort),the therapist is able to visually inspect it for important clues as to the health of the internal organs at that particular time.

Like other diagnostic methods, tongue diagnosis is based on the “outer reflects the inner” principle of Chinese medicine, which is that external structures often reflect the conditions of the internal structures and can give us important indications of internal disharmony.

The tongue not only plays its role in speech and digestion, it is connected with the whole body through reflex chains and energy channels.

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