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Leyland Physiotherapy

Shockwave Therapy

Do you suffer from Chronic Tendonitis ?

Achilles Pain?  Plantar Fasciitis? Tennis Elbow? Golfers Elbow? Calcified tendons in the shoulder ? Leyland Physiotherapy can now offer a solution… SHOCKWAVE THERAPY

What is Shockwave therapy?

Shockwave machines deliver high intensity sound waves into chronic tissue .This leads to a cascade of beneficial effects including increased blood flow ,cellular activity, stimulation of collagen, dissolution of calcium, and ultimately pain relief.

It is thought that the shockwaves activate C nerve fibres which release a specific substance (substance P) in the tissue and in the spinal cord. This substance is responsible for the slight discomfort during and after shockwave treatment. However, with prolonged activation, C fibres become incapable for some time of releasing substance P. Less Substance P in tissue, means less pain for the patient!

NICE guidance 2009 recommends Shockwave for the treatment of chronic tendon injuries especially Achilles ,Tennis elbow and Plantar Fasciitis.

We are one of the few private physiotherapy clinics in Lancashire able to offer this specialist therapy .Very competitively priced at only £68 per session, this is an amazing treatment… DON’T SUFFER any longer.