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Leyland Physiotherapy

Testimonials 2017

Carlie Whittle

10/12/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Both Amy and Sam have been fantastic! Highly recommend.

Diane Gannon

10/12/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Excellent , I’d recommend anyone to with a complaint or even just in need of some tension relief to book yourself in with Amy .. honestly she’s doing wonders for my whiplash ..

Luana F Touzani

05/12/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

What a great service from all. Just really friendly, welcoming and very understanding staff. I’ve felt miles better after all my sessions. Thanks

Carol Shapley

03/10/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Excellent treatment! Superb skills and lovely to see ‘old’ colleagues! Thanks for your treatment so far! should have come sooner.

Rachael Ince

14/07/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Michelle is very knowledgeable and is really helping me to recover from my knee injury. This is a very welcoming practice that I would highly recommend.

Adrian Spencer-Taylor

13/06/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Fantastic physiotherapy at this centre

Mary who is treating me has a first class attitude and she seems excellent in her skills

I’d recommend her to anyone

It’s a very professional set up

Try it out you will not be disappointed

Mick Frederick

27/04/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Very thorough and professional service highly recommended !

Elizabeth Ann Rowlandson

07/03/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I’ve been coming here off and on for about 5 years and have seen either Liz or Michelle. Aside from their brilliant medical skills, they are both extremely personable and put you at ease almost imnediately. I would recommend to anyone.

Martin O'Nions

20/02/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Hugely professional, cheerful and frankly just plain excellent at what they do, though I would never admit this to them… One of those rare organisations that one can always recommend with absolute confidence.

Tracy Wilkinson

19/02/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Lovely friendly place I have attended treatment here for 6 months following an accident. Their professional and friendly manner were excellent. Michelle has worked a miracle with her acupuncture and massage. From entering the door and being greeted by Caitlin you feel at ease even when in pain . Thanks a lot Michelle from trouble you can have some peace now Iwont hesitate to recommend this place thankyou again

Lindsay Aspinall

15/01/2017 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I can not recommend this place highly enough. I have been going here for the last 10 years, when in trouble,and would never go anywhere else (I have seen chiropractors, osteopaths and other physios in the past).
You will be made to feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door by Caitlin, and all of the staff are very friendly, professionaI and accommodating.
I personally see Michelle (you will hear her laughing before you see her)! She has a roll your sleeves up, hands on approach, and is determined to fix you…….even if she has to resort to her “gun” not sure if she has got a firearms certificate for it though!!
Anyway, don’t delay, book today! You won’t look back! thanks Michelle x

David King

02/11/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Over the yrs I have had occasional visits for various minor(and some not minor) muscle and joint problems. After only a couple of visits the treatment and advice given were successful. The professional and pleasant manor of the physiotherapists are excellent. DONT waste your money, and time, on expensive chiropractors. Visit this practice first.Get first class and excellent treatment, at reasonable price.

Jamie MacGregor

12/10/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Had several treatments relating to posture and tension. Alway leave feeling significantly better than when I arrived. Love the fact they look at all aspect of your lifestyle to understand not just the treatment required but also to help with preventative measures to protect you.

Mark S

25/09/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Excellent work fixing me. Thanks for putting up with me Michelle. You can have a bit of peace now.

Bobby Rob Clarke

21/09/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I would recommend Leyland Physiotherapy to anyone, and I will, such a nice place. All the team very professional and very helpful and understanding.

Sarah Wilding

25/05/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I really can’t thank the team enough! I’ve been seeing Michelle after having surgery on my foot, being a runner this has been a big deal for me. I am now back to running thanks to the amazing job Michelle has done. I tell everyone about this place! I thank you so so much.

Stacey Nicole

19/05/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

The team at Leyland Physio are amazing! Lovely premises, friendly & down to earth and great at what they do. I thought my neck and back would never improve after over a year of constant pain and I’m really starting to see a change only a few weeks in, thanks to Lynn working her magic. Im back in the gym and yoga already – two things I’ve not been able to do in a long time. I highly recommend Lynn and the team! Thank you for fixing me.

Charlotte Redding

14/04/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I honestly cannot recommend leyland physio enough! From the fantastic and bubbly welcome by such a lovely receptionist to the amazing treatment by Liz, a brilliant physiotherapist, I’m already seeing huge improvements in my pain which is such a relief. the best physio for miles around. Thank you

Diane Oakden

14/04/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Lynne you dont know how much you helped me.Thank you Diane x

Alison Green

15/04/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

I recently underwent a course of treatment and can only highly recommend the service they provide. As a former Physiotherapist, one can tend to be a little critical, however, I can’t speak highly enough of their clinical skills, assessment and treatment but also the very friendly and approachable atmosphere. Should I ever need treatment again, this will be my first port of call! Thanks to you all – special thanks to Mary and Michelle x

Betty Bill Cheetham

16/02/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Well what can we say about Leyland physio!! The treatment my husband and I have received over the years has been excellent. I have been a client for the last 16 years ( still not fix me yet ) ha ha!!!. No seriously without Michelle’s knowledge and treatment I don’t think I would have been able to function as well as I do now, I have had a very bad back problem since 2000, without the help and support from Michelle and of course the excellent treatment, I don’t know where I would be now. I can now live my life with very little pain and look after my family. I still pay them a visit every now and again just to keep my back supple. Keep up the good work. Bill send his best wishes to for keeping him going. XXXX


11/02/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Absolutely brilliant place, Mary has done wonders for my Sciatica!, highly recommended!

Rob Warein

27/01/2016 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Liz is a miracle worker 10/10 wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.


01/12/2015 via Google My Business

A great team down at Leyland Physio, would highly recommend them. Thanks for everything Michelle

Berry Ins

18/11/2015 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Just finished treatment for my back with Michelle. Absolutely wonderful service, you are always made to feel comfortable and always leave with a smile on your face. Would highly recommend to anyone – Danielle.

Helen Tuson

05/11/2015 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Fantastic people and all help they give, it’s just amazing.

Mark Skellorn

17/06/2015 via Leyland Physiotherapy

Excellent work fixing me. Thanks for putting up with me Michelle. You can have a bit of peace now.