Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain is a condition we see a lot of at Leyland Physiotherapy and our experienced physiotherapists can help you with a treatment plan.

Lower Back Pain

Eighty percent (80%) of people will experience lower back pain at some stage of their life. This condition can be debilitating and should not be ignored. Our Physiotherapists will help to correctly diagnose and treat your pain quickly and effectively using a number of different techniques.

Types of Lower Back Pain

The most common back conditions we see within the clinic include:

Muscle Strains
Disc Problems
Sprained Back
Arthritis & Joint Pain
Chronic pain
Non-specific Back Pain (Pain with no obvious cause)

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Most commonly, mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries are the cause of low back pain. The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle / ligament. The injury can happen suddenly, or can develop slowly over time from repetitive movements.

Common causes of sprain and strain include:

  • Lifting a heavy object, or twisting the spine while lifting
  • Sudden movements that place too much stress on the low back, such as a fall
  • Poor posture over time
  • Sports injuries, especially in sports that involve twisting or large forces of impact

Pain is considered chronic once it lasts for more than three months and exceeds the body’s natural healing process. Chronic pain in the low back often involves a disc problem, a joint problem, and/or an irritated nerve root. Further information on acute lower back pain can be found on our blog post.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

When visiting one of our physiotherapists we will complete a thorough assessment, often pinpointing the cause of the pain allowing us to commence treatment quickly. Our physios are also trained to spot any serious conditions that may present as low back pain. This is especially relevant as we know when it is appropriate to refer on to a GP or other specialist.

Typical treatment may include:

  • Passive Physical Therapy – This includes things done to the patient, such as heat application, ice packs and electrical stimulation. For example, a heating pad may be applied to warm up the muscles prior to doing exercising and stretching, and an ice pack may be used afterward to sooth the muscles and soft tissues.
  • Active Physical Therapy – This focuses on specific exercises and stretching. For most low back pain treatments, active exercise is the focus of the physiotherapy program.

We recommend www.eurospine.org & www.mkspine.co.uk for further reading on back conditions.

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